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My personal comments on (programming) culture in general, technical details can be found on the Asquera blog.


I was speaker at FOSDEM 2014 and helped to run a devroom in 2015. Regretfully, I have a statement to make about my experience that year.

A FOSDEM staff member inflicted personal harm upon me. This is a fact that has been mutually established between...

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Extending my new years resolution

Last year, the new years resolution in my peer group was to learn a new programming language, as every year. I considered that for a while and while searching for languages, I decided otherwise: my new years resolution for 2014 was strictly not to...

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Wirtschaftsförderung ist aus

Der Spiegel hat Jugend hackt ins “Wirtschaft”-Ressort gepackt.

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Auch mal was gegen links tun

“Und was macht ihr gegen linke Gewalt?”. Ich muss leicht verwirrt schauen – saßen wir doch in einem Raum, auf dessen Tür “AG gegen rechte Gewalt” steht. Die Hetzjagd in Guben und der Angriff auf zwei Vietnamesen in Eggesin und andere Gewalttaten waren...

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Kraut Citizen

Hier stand mal ein Blogpost, der sich darüber beschwert hat, dass wir offenbar kein Problem damit haben, Spiele mit Millionen-Summen schwarmzufinanzieren, aber für Projekte wie Krautreporter kein Geld haben.

Leider muss ich feststellen, die Kritik...

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I feel like I’ve always had a tornado inside me. You have one inside you. Just sometimes it doesn’t move.


After trying Ruby for the first time in 2003 and starting to actively participate in the community since 2006, I...

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Public speaking: My mum is a bad example, yours too

This post orginally appeared on my companies blog, but I find it fits this context more. I redacted it a bit, but it is still a bit rambling, but everyone has a first try…

Just by accident, a tweet hit a nerve today and made me finally write this blog post. Also, to not bore you to death, it is a “how I got started with IT” kind of story in disguise.

Please stop using “my mum” as a stand-in of “computer-illiterate” (and generally a bit dull on the technical side) person in your talks (and anywhere else, for the record). You will lose me there. Not only because it is subtly sexist (for as long as “your dad” is not mentioned quite as often in that context), it is also a subtle mistake. This might sound a bit like arguing semantics here, but let me explain on how it is really an issue of not opposing your audience, because some of your audience does not hold your world view.

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Hello, is this thing on?

The title might set the tone: I am just plain bad at coming up with titles. But that will hopefully pass once I blog more.

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